Im Sick Of Sticky Notes!

          Are you tired writing on sticky notes? You want to say more, but there’s never enough space !Or you’re in a hurry and you don’t  have no time to write a note for you parents, spouse, or children.

After you slap the sticky note in the fridge, of course… it falls down!   I can totally relate… thankfully, technology has FINALLY caught up! THANK GOODNESS,  no more writing  out a small novel, texting, or hearing, “my mobile didn’t record that message.”


Welcome to the Digital Recorder Memo Magnet!!! With the touch of a button, record your message and you’re on your way – free of worries! You’re a click away from never having to sweep sticky notes up from under appliances and furniture EVER again!


-Digital video recorder with sound

-Fridge magnet gadget

-Built in speaker, MIC, 1.44 inch LCD screen and camera

-Working time: 40 minutes

-Maximum Recorded Time: 30 Seconds

-Internal Memory: 4MB

-Screen Resolution: 324 x 240 RGB

-Screen: 1.44 inch LCD Display

-Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery

-Battery Capacity: 350 mAh

-Battery Charging Time: 4Hours

-Battery Standby Time: 1 week

-PRICE: $ 27.70



Talk To You Soon,



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