What Do You Do When You Miss Someone?

People around you will be in and out of your life. Some will come back, some will not.  We always say that the only constant in this world is change.  YES, that is absolutely true, but memories don’t change.  Most people nowadays capture every single day with their family,friends and love ones. Facebook  is one of the witness to that! Memories are the best remedy, it never fails your heart to reminisce the moments you had.

You can capture those by using your cellphones, tablets, and laptops. But how convenient it is for you?

It’s nice to have those remedies just  in your pocket. Anytime, anywhere, you can recharge yourself when you see your photos with them.  Especially parents working in other countries to give the needs and wants of their children. Technology is evolving everyday,  now  you don’t have to worry about the memory of your phone.

Thanks to the new digital keychain photo frame that can store more than 100 photos and carry them with you anywhere!


-Rich color 1.5 inch display

-Comes with built in clock

-Slideshow display

-Screen Resolution: 128 x 128

-Memory: 8MB built-in flash memory (can store up to 107 images)

-Photo support: JPG, BMP, GIF

-Operating System: Win 2000/XP/Win7

-Working Time: 2-3 hours constantly on (1-2 weeks of standard show-and-tell use)

-(USD) $20.32 only

Gosh! How AWESOME?

HURRY GRAB YOURS NOW ! Click here for more details.

P.S.  Don’t be afraid to tell them “i miss you”, at least you tell what you feel. 😉

Talk To You Soon,



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