Binocular and Camera ALL in 1!

Do you love photography ? Are you hooked on it? Or you just love to explore then capture incredible places?

You can now record video clips & take photos from incredible distances without spending HUGE money! How great and easy is that?

For sure your gonna love this new gadget!



Here are the features:

-Digital video recording

-Works best past 40ft

-Runs on two AAA batteries

-Image sensor:300K CMOS sensor

-Internal Memory: 8MB

-Resolution: VGA (640x480pixels) / CIF (352x288pixels)

-Storage VGA: 640x480pixels: (Compressed) 75frame

-Storage CIF: 352x288pixels: (Compressed) 300frame

-Binoculars Size: 8 x 21

-Shoot Mode: Single / Continuous / Self-time

-Self-Timer: 10 seconds delay

-Computer Interface: USB 1.1

-Lens: fixed focus lens, F=2.8, f=28mm

-Focus Range: 2m to infinity

-Shutter speed: 1/4 to 1/1000 second

-Exposure: Automatic

-White Balance: Automatic

-Power Supply: 2x AAA battery

-Dimensions: 119mm x 96mm x 49mm

-System Requirement For PC: Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista (32 bit version only) /Windows7

 -Price: USD38.04

Easy to use, Binocular and Camera ALL in 1!

To capture beautiful places from a distance is now EASY!

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P.S.     SHIPPING FEE IS $10.48 


Im Sick Of Sticky Notes!

          Are you tired writing on sticky notes? You want to say more, but there’s never enough space !Or you’re in a hurry and you don’t  have no time to write a note for you parents, spouse, or children.

After you slap the sticky note in the fridge, of course… it falls down!   I can totally relate… thankfully, technology has FINALLY caught up! THANK GOODNESS,  no more writing  out a small novel, texting, or hearing, “my mobile didn’t record that message.”


Welcome to the Digital Recorder Memo Magnet!!! With the touch of a button, record your message and you’re on your way – free of worries! You’re a click away from never having to sweep sticky notes up from under appliances and furniture EVER again!


-Digital video recorder with sound

-Fridge magnet gadget

-Built in speaker, MIC, 1.44 inch LCD screen and camera

-Working time: 40 minutes

-Maximum Recorded Time: 30 Seconds

-Internal Memory: 4MB

-Screen Resolution: 324 x 240 RGB

-Screen: 1.44 inch LCD Display

-Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery

-Battery Capacity: 350 mAh

-Battery Charging Time: 4Hours

-Battery Standby Time: 1 week

-PRICE: $ 27.70



Talk To You Soon,


Arriba – Chocolate Pizza With Bacon


Yeah, it’s kinda weird combination. The sweet and the salty stuff. But, it taste like heaven!

Arriba (chocolate pizza) at Heavenly Chocolates  is made up of dark chocolate,bacon bits,almonds,crispy anchovy, and shallot bits. Oh c’mon! I know what you’re thinking. Savory stuff with chocolate??!  Sounds unusual but taste good. I think the combination is pretty good.

The restaurant’s aim is to bring back the culture of the Filipinos regarding drinking hot chocolate.  They conduct workshops/seminars regarding chocolates and their new menu. Eclectic Corner attended one of those, Appreciation101 : Going Nuts.

The great thing is when you visit their shop, they will give taste to you!

Talk to You Soon,


What Do You Do When You Miss Someone?

People around you will be in and out of your life. Some will come back, some will not.  We always say that the only constant in this world is change.  YES, that is absolutely true, but memories don’t change.  Most people nowadays capture every single day with their family,friends and love ones. Facebook  is one of the witness to that! Memories are the best remedy, it never fails your heart to reminisce the moments you had.

You can capture those by using your cellphones, tablets, and laptops. But how convenient it is for you?

It’s nice to have those remedies just  in your pocket. Anytime, anywhere, you can recharge yourself when you see your photos with them.  Especially parents working in other countries to give the needs and wants of their children. Technology is evolving everyday,  now  you don’t have to worry about the memory of your phone.

Thanks to the new digital keychain photo frame that can store more than 100 photos and carry them with you anywhere!


-Rich color 1.5 inch display

-Comes with built in clock

-Slideshow display

-Screen Resolution: 128 x 128

-Memory: 8MB built-in flash memory (can store up to 107 images)

-Photo support: JPG, BMP, GIF

-Operating System: Win 2000/XP/Win7

-Working Time: 2-3 hours constantly on (1-2 weeks of standard show-and-tell use)

-(USD) $20.32 only

Gosh! How AWESOME?

HURRY GRAB YOURS NOW ! Click here for more details.

P.S.  Don’t be afraid to tell them “i miss you”, at least you tell what you feel. 😉

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